7 Tips for Keeping it Classy on the Ground or in the Air


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Even though Summer is the season for vacation and travel and new trends, classiness and etiquette never fall out of fashion. In today’s modern hustle and tendency to think of our selves only, a sense of entitlement can sneak up on the best of us – even if we were raised on Emily Post. Here is a refresher to keeping it classy and poised on the ground, in the air, and all the spaces in between. Mostly, it comes down to manners and common sense…which sometimes isn’t so common these days.


1. Get there early. Yes, it’s icky waking up at O-Dark Thirty or sitting around the gate with nothing to do, but hiccups are all the more compounded when you’re rushing with only minutes to spare. This can lead to more mistakes, a heightened sense of frustration, and will almost certainly affect your demeanor to those around you, even if you don’t mean it.

Too early(http://blog.doctoroz.com)

2. Streamline – Less is More. We’ve all been hindered getting on and off the plane, bus, train, fill in the blank, because someone unloaded everything or took what looks to be a million bags and somehow made it past the gate attendants. Be mindful of the space and time constraints of others. Do take what you need – no one wants to be stranded without a critical item for hours at a time, but be purposeful in what you bring. If you’ve checked a bag, do you REALLY need to take that huge tote and a carry-on? Maybe a self-contained meal, such as a wrap, would be better than one that involves a larger box? While balance is key, having less with you on board will ease things even if just a bit, but after 7 hours at 32,000ft , we’ll take whatever easing we can!

3. Read the line. It seems every time the plane comes to a complete stop, all the aisle people hop out to get in line first (even at the back of the plane) to try and cut people off even at the front, leaving the poor window and/or middle people to fight tooth and claw for their rightful spot in line. Ideally, the plane is disembarked row by row, but we all have experienced individuals who, for whatever reason, couldn’t care less about waiting their turn. Granted, sometimes line cuts are warranted. If the captain has announced a number of passengers need to make a run to their connecting flight, heed his request and let them go first. If someone politely asks if you mind if they go ahead of you for a similar reason, if there’s mom traveling with kids, the elderly, etc. be courteous. Other than that, you are well within your rights to (politely and classy of course) secure your spot in line as the plane disembarks. If you are at the back of the plane…godspeed to you.

4. Comfy Classy. Traveling is tough. Traveling while looking put together is tough. Traveling and looking put together and being comfy is tougher…but not impossible. When you see a travel time creep upwards of over 5 hours, it’s tempting to throw on your old college sweats, holes and all,  especially if you have to be at the gate by O-Dark Thirty. However, comfy does not mean sloppy. Opt for some cute yoga pants with a tank top and longer cardigan if you want, but shoot for thicker, more structured pieces if you go the workout clothes route. There are a ton of options these days for adorable and classy comfy looks! Avoid bearing bra straps at all costs if you can – a sports bra might be a viable option under a tank top, or if not, wear a jacket or cardigan over it. Sorry ladies, there are no excuses for clothes with holes in them. Or banana combs for that matter.Banana Clip


Don’t do this…it’s not the 80s anymore.

5. Amplification. The sound of the jet engines, the tiny seat, the pressure on your ears –  it adds up and it’s tempting to talk louder than normal when traveling with a friend. This may not be an issue if you are sitting next to each other, but if they are a row ahead of you, across the aisle, etc. it may not be worth the shout. Same theme applies to inflight phone calls – just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If you can and must call someone from the air, or on the tarmac on the ground, keep it brief and to the point – not everyone will be as enthralled with your business deal or drama as you are. On the flip side, if someone is ‘friendly’ and starts to strike a conversation with you and you’re just not feeling it, exchange a few polite comments and then mention there’s a book you need to start reading, a movie you want to watch, etc. If they didn’t take your hint, excuse your self with a compliment to their energy or something, but explain you need a few minutes to catch up from the morning, and throw those headphones on honey!

6. There’s a time and a Place. Little kids don’t fully understand the concept of travel, and they have short fuses. They are going to cry at some point unless they are Super Baby. If you are several rows removed, it is NOT the time and the place to directly ask the parent to do something. Chances are, they are well aware of everyone thinking the same thing and they are doing their best. If you are directly beside them and it is significantly going to affect you, ask the flight attendant if someone could switch seats. Go ahead, be annoyed, be frustrated, preach it once you’re off the plane and in your buddy’s car sister! But not now. It’s not going to do anything except make everyone more tense. If the child is kicking your back seat and/or physically affecting you – by all means speak with the parent directly.

7. Favorite Essentials. Regardless of how long your flight is…well, if it’s over 2 hours anyway, definitely consider the following items to assist in keeping you refreshed, poised, and looking fabulous even in a tiny airplane seat:

  • Elf Lip Kiss Balm. Goes on smooth and Holy Moisturizure Batman! Eos is another favorite!
  • Elf Face Powder. Foundation can sometimes be tricky for longer flights…it’s hard enough to keep it up through the day! Using the bare minimum and opting for face powder might be a great alternative.
  • Maybeline Great Lash (any) Mascara. If it’s got the pink tube and green cap, it’s never let me down.
  • Empty water bottle to fill once you’re past security. Hydration is critical when you travel, even more so on a plane. Bonus if you have an infusing water bottle – some restaurants in the airport may have pre-cut lemons and limes if you’re lucky
  • Tiny Ziploc or travel size package of regular baby wipes or face wipes
  • Travel size hand-sanitizer
  • Gum
  • Small hairbrush

Now, order a cocktail for us, open that book or rock that playlist, and enjoy your trip!



Disclaimer: Working Glamour does not have sponsors, and promotes items based on personal experience. The writers do not solicit, benefit, or profit in any way from the brands, copyrights, etc. listed in their post. Working Glamour does not promote, condone, or advise any ill-informed or dangerous behaviors, and strongly urges readers to consult professionals before making drastic changes to their plans, routines, and life-style. Now go kick-ass with the highest class!




Road Trips – A time for Reflection


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At some point in any classy lady’s journey, she will embark on a road trip. These trips bring out the philosopher in all of us, and allow us to reflect on life’s biggest mysteries. Whether this trip is 3 hours or 3 weeks, important questions arise. While some of these questions allow for noble, poignant discussions about our purpose here on this planet, others quickly spiral for the better into pure entertainment by the two authors of this blog:

Hook-up or Marry

  1. Thor, or Captain America?
    1. Queen Classy: Hook-up with Thor, marry Captain America
    2. Princess Beast: Hook-up with Thor, marry Captain America
  2. Legolas, or Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor?
    1. Queen Classy: Hook-up with Legolas and get it out of the way. His flowing locks would just piss me off and he would only have a little fairy dirt hut. Like he would always complain his hair was stuck under me or something and tit’d clog the drain…oh wait, there is no drain, because WE’RE IN A HUT. At least Ben is a pilot and we’d live in Hawaii.
    2. Princess Beast: I would hook up with Ben Affleck and marry Legolas. Legolas would always flit away on his adventures so I could hook-up with Channing Tatum on the side. I think Ben’s character is kinda whiny and would just smother everything.
  3. Legolas, or Captain Jack Sparrow?
    1. Queen Classy: Noooo…in this one I’d marry Legolas, because at least he’d be SOBER when he flits off on his adventures. Captain Jack and his goddamn accessories. How many effing bracelets do you need???
    2. Princess Beast: Hook-up with Legolas and marry Captain Jack. I think he would expect and encourage me to cheat :  “Hi hon, how was Tortuga?” “Oh, it was fun love, how was Channing Tatum?”

Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with for 1 year?

  1. Legolas, or Captain Jack Sparrow?
    1. Queen Classy: Legolas. Cpatain Jack would be effing useless and would find sticks yes, but he would just fashion more bracelets out of them.
    2. Princess Beast: Captain Jack. History has shown he is extremely lucky and knows where the rum is. Legolas would burn up in the tropical sun.
  2. Farva from Super Troopers or Terry from Reno 911?
    1. Queen Classy: Farva…if I turned to cannibalism there would be more for me to survive on.
    2. Princess Beast: Terry. His roller skates would make him immobile so he couldn’t eff things up.

Who would you rather take on a road trip?

  1. Legolas or Captain Jack Sparrow?
    1. Queen Classy: Legolas…I’d have to keep chasing Captain Jack to get back in the car and away from the Bar Flies, and he’d end up getting us lost. It would be like dealing with a little kid…”Captain Jack get back in the car NOW!”
    2. Princess Beast: Captain Jack…with any luck you could get him drunk and he would just sleep in the car. Legolas would get pissy his bow was in the trunk and wouldn’t understand the point of the trip…”What quest is this?” “No, Legolas, the journey is the quest.” “I don’t understand. Are we there yet?” “No, dude, the trip is the quest, yah we have an end point, but that’s not relevant to the trip as a whole.” “Oh…are we there yet?” “NO! We’re not effing there yet!”


Have an opinion on who YOU would rather be stranded with? Vote Below!

‘Spring’-ing back into Action with Apps that work for You


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After a brief hiatus of kick-ass at work and life in general, this blog is back in action complete with pun in the headline. So with a fresh face and reinvigorated outlook this season, we’re diving right back in. A hot topic that seems to ‘spring’ up every year is how to balance it all (if you’re keeping count that’s 2 puns on spring). Work, significant other, school, fun – life in the current age is busy, and with every passing year there are more things to explore. This is a good thing! And yet, if you’re like me and every other lady, you find yourself wasting precious minutes on the ever elusive hair tie, trying to remember if you deducted those new running pants from your account, do you need to pick up some feminine items on your next errand run, and a million other things.

While we have yet to find an app that tracks down hair ties, here are apps, free ones, that do help in getting some things off of our minds and into the real world in a practical way. After experimenting with multiple apps, these are the ones I can’t seem to ever even consider getting rid of even for a second.

1. Pocket Expense Lite: The Pros – It is ridiculously easy to use and allows for multiple types of accounts that automatically adjust in the correct way. You can set up credit cards, loans, checking accounts, investments, you name it. The user friendliness is amazing – red means the amount is something you’ve spent or owe, green is an amount you’ve paid toward something, or a payment to you. The categories are nearly limitless – for this reason, your monthly charts can get incredibly specific if there is something in particular you want to track. Reminders are easy to set up as well – mine is set up for the end of the day as a reminder to log whatever I may have forgotten about. The Cons – the ads. It may takes a while to load, and every once in a great while, if there’s been an update, it logs me out. As with any data entry app, it’s only as accurate as the information you give it, so it does take a bit to set up, however it definitely pays off once you’re using it. If there was a way to scan receipts into it, I would be one very happy lady.

2. Free Menstrual Calendar (FMC): The Pros – The calendar literally recalculates and gets more accurate with every day and piece of information you enter. The interface is very user-friendly and the icon, in addition to other markers for the calendar, is blessedly nondescript. You also can thankfully lock it with a passcode. This calendar has a way to enter a ton of stuff, and not just the ‘typical’ things we think about when we are tracking this part of our life, but also has a spot for our moods. If we were feeling ill on any given day how we were feeling exactly (ie: sore throat, headache, etc.). Finally, because I am a nerd, it gives a little info tidbit every day about fertility and the menstrual cycle. While it’s not and never will be 100% accurate (especially if you’ve been through something that upsets your cycle), the calendar does allow for quick, recognizable information at a glance. This is a huge relief when I’m planning travel, a race, you name it, I can quickly get an estimate on when the Monthly Magic will hit so I can prepare for it. The Cons: the most you can view at any given time is a month, which can be cumbersome when you are entering past data, and the calendar needs at least one month to forecast the month you start using it. As a girl who thrives on color coding, the options are limited.



3. Venmo: The Pros – it’s a faster PayPal and makes paying people back or receiving payment ridiculously easy. This is ideal for roommates splitting bills, if a group of people go out together, or anything like that. You set up and verify your accounts, find people you need to pay or vice versa, and send it through Venmo. When you receive payment, you opt to cash out the amount and it transfers to your bank account on the next business day in some cases. I’ve used it for as little as $10 when going out and it makes life so much easier instead of trying to find cash, a check, etc. The Cons – unless you have notifications turned on, you won’t know when someone has paid you so you can cash out. You can see all your friend’s activity in the feed, which makes it a little weird. Yes, everyone in my group puts in notes on why they’re paying so-and-so, but seeing the funds hop between people is a little weird at first.

4. Waze: The Pros – Driving with real time updates from real drivers.Seriously, it sounds trite and maybe a little too simple, but if I ever have a longer drive to make, or to an area of town I’m not 100% familiar with, I Waze it over the other options on my phone. The app notifies you when there is a reported object in the road, stopped car, police, accidents, you name it. If you  are in traffic, and there are multiple reports, you can click on them for additional information and see what other drivers are suggesting or doing. You can also send in reports on your experience. With all of these reports floating around, the app has a self-check when you are approaching a reported incident, whether it’s police or a car stopped in the road. It asks you to confirm or deny the report, and if the report is confirmed, it stays active. If it’s denied, the report is removed. Another nifty feature is the option to send your ETA to someone via a text alert. Every minute counts when you’re busy being Wonder Woman, so this ETA and ETA Notification feature is one of my favorites. Finally, FINALLY – the more you drive and use Waze, the more points you get, which means your little avatar changes. It’s cheesy, I know, but seeing my little Wazer, Knight Level, in my profile is a little bonus. The Cons – It sometimes won’t map the most direct route, and in my own experience it’s not consistent if it’s going for the fastest time or the shortest mileage. The user interface is slightly less intuitive when you want to start and stop navigation, but once you’re driving it’s fine.

Disclaimer: Working Glamour does not have any sponsors, and highlights items based of personal experience. Working Glamour does not promote, condone, or support the use of any item or app listed here for use in an unhealthy or ill-informed manner. Always seek professional advice before making any significant change to your routine, and as always, keep it classy and find what works for you! Now go kick ass!


Healthy Smoothies That Don’t Taste Healthy (Yay!!)

If you’re anything like me, it takes tons of handwork and effort to eat healthy, get my protein, and still have everything taste good…and that’s on a good day, not on a ‘I’m so busy I forgot if I even had breakfast this morning’ day. Luckily, thanks to numerous sites and my own tweaking, there are some smoothie recipes that are perfect for ladies on the go and don’t have time to stop and prepare a meal. They have protein, spinach, fruit and still taste amazing. So, whether you are dashing off to class, a high powered meeting, or working your a** off to get the house clean for a play-date, one of these smoothies will give you the little boost you need to get you through your day. Once again, this does NOT serve as a medical diagnosis or professional opinion and, if you are trying something drastically different or have never dieted before, we highly recommend speaking to your doctor before making any dramatic changes to your routine!!!
Smoothies are perfect for post workout or when you’re on the go! **Disclaimer: Drinking these smoothies does not guarantee you perfect workout hair like the model has**

http://www.fitonraw.com  Swayze, 2009

“It’s Ok – the Spinach is with Me” – This smoothie will definitely keep you full, satisfied, and will not taste like Spinach. Thanks to it’s friends Adonia Frozen Yogurt and Peanut Butter, the Baby Spinach can easily slip into the background of this party and not clash with any of the flavors. This smoothie basic is filling, packed with nutrients, and provides the leading lady it serves with energy to go through her day with grace and poise.
1 cup (or more if you choose) fresh baby spinach
1.5 to 2 servings vanilla frozen yogurt (Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt has 9g protein per serving, so I use that brand when I can)
.5 or 1 cup 2%milk (or other milk you prefer)
2 tablespoons Peanut Butter of your choice
1 banana
1 handful Ice if you choose

The banana and peanut butter make for a healthy and filling smoothie! http://www.gimmesomeoven.com  Ali Ebright, April 2009

“Nutella Espresso Bliss” – Here’s a nod to those elegant and classy women who have a sweet tooth which can only be satisfied by the very best aka, Nutella. Once again you can sink into the protein filled, creamy goodness of the frozen yogurt and relax in the warmth the Nutella flavor brings. The spinach once again works behind the scenes and doesn’t even come across your radar.
1 cup fresh baby spinach (or more if you choose)
1.5 to 2 servings espresso frozen yogurt (Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt has 9g protein per serving, so I use that brand when I can)
1 to 1.5 servings of Nutella
1 cup 2% milk (or other milk if you prefer)

Even though it won’t taste like it, The Nutella Espresso bliss is healthy, we promise!!

http://www.motherthyme.com/   Jennifer, August 2011

“Damn Right I’m a Gorgeous Southern Peach” – This simple, refreshing smoothly looks deceptively light, but the peaches coupled with the frozen yogurt provide a nutritious and filling meal that will immediately revitalize your mind and body so you can continue being classy and glamourous through the day!
1.5 to 2 fresh, large peaches (cubed or sliced)
1 cup 2% milk (or other milk you prefer)
1.5 to 2 servings vanilla frozen yogurt (Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt has 9g protein per serving, so I use that brand when I can)
.5 to 1 cups Orange Juice if you prefer

The peach smoothie is just the right amount of sweetness, minus the guilt! Bonus points if you can get your hands on fresh-picked peaches, yum!!
http://www.blendtec.com/blog  “Smoothie Garden”, Jule Owens, April 2013

Tell us your favorite smoothies in you comments below or how you made these smoothies your own!

Quick Hairstyles to Hide Dirty Hair


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Yes, we’ve all been there – you wake up late, your hair is filthy, and you don’t have time to wash it! What is a stylish girl to do? Don’t fret, we have some tips to help you turn your hair from gross to glam in just a few minutes!

1) Dry shampoo. Spray it on your roots while dividing your hair in one inch sections. Let it dry for a minute or so, and then brush out. (Note: some dry shampoos require heat from a blow dryer to activate, read the label). If your hair looks great just after that one step, then you’re good to go! If it still looks like crap, or if you don’t have access to dry shampoo, go to step 2!

2) A simple updo. Put your hair into a relaxed ponytail or loose bun. This will hide the unstyled ends and add an instant put-together look!

3) Accessorize. If your hair is so freakin dirty (no judgment here!) that dry shampoo and an updo still can’t make it look passable, add an accessory. A headband or jeweled barrette will do nicely. The accessory will draw attention to itself, and away from your less-than-fab hair.

Now, if you’re REALLY late, and don’t have time to brush dry shampoo into all of your hair, try this: pull your hair into a quick ponytail or bun (it doesn’t have to look good), and do a rapid spray of dry shampoo all over your head, so that the dry shampoo will get on just on the exposed hair.  Then take your hair out of the bun/ponytail, brush out the outer strands of your hair, and pull back up into your bun/ponytail. This way, the strands of hair that are visible when your hair is pulled back look good, and you save time by not having to spray all the rest.

Hope these tips help you still look glam even on your off days!! Here are some extra pointers for styling your hair:

dry shampoo

“Top 9 at 9: The Best Dry Shampoo to Get You Through Your Day.” StyleList 2013. http://www.stylelist.com/view/best-dry-shampoo/
Not only is this an example of a popular dry shampoo, the website lists their top picks 😀

Pony Tail

So even though it says it’s for the gym, that simple pony tail and headband combo is too cute to destroy working out…even using color coordinated hair ties and headbands will really add a little something when you just don’t have the time
for full on styling.

Simple Bun

“Enjoy the Sun With Bun.” June 8, 2012. http://sheehair.blogspot.com/2012/06/enjoy-sun-with-bun.html
Quick Brush, twist twist twist, pins/hair tie and voila! Casual elegance in minutes.
No matter how late you are running, no matter how dirty your hair is or desperate you are, do NOT leave the house or gym in one of these …Ladies, Moms, Wives you are better than this! If it’s that bad, throw your hair in a bun under a pageboy cap or fedora for the love of all that’s classy!!
 Banana Clip

Banana Clip? How ’bout no…even if you have the curls or volume to hide it, just say no…you know it’s there.


Scrunchies Galore? We’re not in 8th grade anymore. If you’re old enough to vote you’re old enough to realize these are good only for working out, cleaning/lounging or costume parties.

Drinking With Coworkers: How to NOT Destroy Your Career


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Here’s the scenario: it’s nearing the end of the workday, and your coworkers invite you for an after work happy hour. Do you go or not? The answer should always be: GO! Even if you despise your coworkers, you need to pony up, fake a smile, and get going. There are several reasons for this: Going will increase your bonding with them. Not going can make you look uptight. Getting to know the people you despise may make you understand them better and hate them less, and therefore improve your work relationship. You can learn valuable things about how to work better with them. And the same works in reverse – coworkers who may dislike you, without you even knowing it, will have a chance to get to know you better and realize how fabulous you are!

Here are some tips to making it out with your career in tact:

1) Don’t drink? Go up to an area of the bar where no one will overhear you, and order a soda or energy drink. Come back, and no one will be the wiser 😉 bonus points for caffeine, it will help you rival your coworkers imbibed energy! Just dont exceed two mocktails, more than that will make them think you’re a lush!!! If you’re fine with letting them know you don’t drink, order a non alcoholic beverage in front of them. Just don’t make a big deal about it or get on a high horse. Nothing ruins the fun atmosphere like a sober person calling out other’s drunkenness.

2) Eat. I can’t say this enough. Order food at the bar. If the last time you ate was lunch, drinks are going to impair you much worse than normal. It is extremely embarrassing to be wobbling around after only two drinks. Trust me, I’ve been there!

3) Set a limit. Two drinks max. Any more and you’ll say or do things that you should not. Even if you have the tolerance of a bull, stick to two. Perceptions matter. Also set a time limit. Even if you only have two drinks, staying late is a bad idea, if others get too drunk, you don’t want them to embarrass themselves in front of you (more on that below).

4) Don’t talk about work. We spend 40+ hours a week doing it, why waste precious time off doing it? On another note, now is not the time to pitch ideas to your superiors.  If you are drinking with upper management, they will appreciate you for not bothering them with shop talk while they’re trying to relax.

5) Don’t gossip. Yes, it’s tempting as hell to bad mouth your douchebag boss, lazy coworker, Etc. but don’t do it!!! Even If others are doing the bashing, don’t partake! Believe me, it can and will get back to other people. Need to vent? Call a friend or spouse instead.

6) Karaoke: proceed with caution, and choose your songs wisely.

7) Watch out for sexual context. Yes, drinking brings that out in people. Casual conversation can easily cross into dangerous territory when alcohol is involved. Watch how your words can be perceived, (we’ve all said things before that were taken in a way we didn’t mean!) and watch others’ words as well. If you feel like the conversation is getting weird, change the subject to something neutral, like current events, casually mention your significant other if you have one, or find and excuse to leave.

8) Shots: just say no. Not only will it paint you in an unprofessional light, it will make you too drunk too fast to be classy about it.

9) Try to not let others embarrass themselves in front of you. This rule seems weird, I know, but hear me out: Have you ever embarrassed yourself or spilled a terrible secret to someone when you’re drunk, and the next day you don’t want to face that person? More often than not, that person doesn’t have a changed view of you, but you still avoid them and feel awkward. Things never were the same with that person after that, were they? Well, the same can happen in reverse. Coworkers embarrassing themselves or sharing too deep a secret with you can damage your relationship with them, without you having done anything. Try to prevent it from happening, but don’t make a big deal about it. A colleague wants to go streaking? Responding with a good natured: “Haha, you might regret that one, lets get you some water and then revisit that idea 😉 ”  Your cube mate tries to start dancing on the bar? “Bummer, I thought I saw someone from HR walk in the bar recently, better not 🙂 you know how uptight HR can be!” Someone wants to tell you about how she got two abortions and gave one kid up for adoption? Or how her friend was raped? (Yes someone actually tried to tell me about that) Gently interrupt with a “Wow, this is pretty heavy stuff for a night out! Let’s go (play darts)/(find a song for the jukebox)/(see what Charles in accounting is up to)/(google photos of Kate Middleton and analyze her outfits)” you get the idea. And then never mention it happened. Act like its no big deal. If something still gets REALLY out of hand, despite your best efforts, it is sometimes okay to pretend like you don’t remember much of that night to that person (but only that person, no need to let the whole office think that!!!) the next day. It will help your relationship immensely when they think you don’t even remember them telling you about how they they cross dress. Besides, they’re too busy thinking about their slip to even judge you for “allegedly” drinking so much you don’t remember.

Bottom line, these people are your coworkers, NOT your friends. the lines can sometimes get blurred, especially after a few drinks, but you still want to keep it professional. Follow these guidelines and drinking with coworkers can be a fun, bonding experience, and will minimize any career destruction!


happy hour 1

ALWAYS behave like a lady when drinking with coworkers!

keep it classy

If necessary, repeat this mantra to yourself after a drink!

happy hour 2

Stick to classy looking drinks, NO shots!!!

7 Realistic Tips on Being Healthy for Ladies Pressed for Time


, ,

I don’t know about you all but even when I have the time I just feel exhausted even thinking of working out after a busy day at work!! It’s hard enough going to class if you’re a student, taking care of the house/kids (if you have them), and working nonstop the second you get to the office, let alone figure out how to be healthy and fit. Some days you’re lucky to grab a snack of chocolate and coffee!!!

However, staying fit is vital and it’s not just a routine to get ready for summer, but more of a year long mentality – making sure you’re healthy is primarily for you. Sure other areas benefit of course, but don’t we deserve to feel great and help our bodies as they help us? The following are tips that are doable even with a crazy schedule. And no, I’m not talking about 1 hour workouts 6 days a week.  (If you have never worked out before or are trying something drastically new we HIGHLY suggest speaking to your doctor first and DO NOT claim these tips are a substitute for medical attention or diagnosis or will work for everyone).

1 – Be practical. It’s going to take time and if you launch out of the gate hoping to work out 6 days a week you might be disappointed when that doesn’t happen. Maybe instead have a goal of 3-4 times a week? Experiment with the time of the workout too – If you’re not an early riser, try later in the evening. ‘Oh but I only have 10-20 minutes some days’…Amen sister. The 10 Minute Solution or the FIRM workout DVD series have a lot of options with those who only have 20 minutes or less to spare!
2 – Keep water handy (especially since summer is officially here)!!! Keeping water in your car, a case at your office, etc can help you remember to drink it. If you don’t like the taste of water, Mio and/or lemon slices can help make it interesting!
3 – Be mindful of what you buy and what you eat. This doesn’t mean stock up on fruit if you don’t like it or cut out your favorite sweets completely. It does mean if you notice you’re buying a lot of breads/pastas/candy or eating those things three times a day, try challenging yourself to limit them to once a day or buy half as much of the item in question and substitute healthier options. If you notice you’re always skipping breakfast and lunch, maybe try a cereal bar so you don’t have the dreaded 2pm crash.
4 – Mix it up. If you’ve always run the same route, try a longer and slower run, a faster shorter run, or add weights to your routine. If you only do workout videos or only go to a certain class at the gym, try a hike or run. If it’s boring to you, why waste your valuable time on it? Try Zumba, swing dance, something just to get you happy you have time to do this for yourself 🙂
5 – Prep your fruits/veggies before hand. If you notice eating healthy is tough because of time constraints, it can be more convenient to pre-fill zip locks or tupperware with pre sliced fruits, veggies, cheese, etc all at once after you buy them to make a portable and healthy snacks. If you don’t have time, there is no shame with a whole fruit!!
6 – have a workout buddy – working out with a buddy is so much more motivating and fun than when you go at it alone. Catching up with one of my girlfriends and getting fit? I vote yes! 🙂 if you’re good enough friends with a coworker or classmate that’s all the better because you have the same schedule 😀
7 – Make it fun!!! Have a little reward in sight for yourself like new earrings after 2 weeks of sticking to your goal for example. Working out and being healthy will not become habits overnight so why get bored doing it?? We might as well have fun along the way!! Wear your sparkly studs, blast your favorite song, put on your shiny workout lipgloss and embrace this ‘me-time’ you have for yourself!!

Working out is a great way to relieve stress from a hectic day in the office or classroom.
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Invest in some good quality, colorful sports bras. Who says you can’t look fabulous while working up a sweat?

Office Appropriate Makeup – How Much is Too Much?


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Unfortunately we work in a world where appearances can lead to certain perceptions of our professionalism (undeserved or not). Fortunately, you can use this to your advantage and “work the system”.  Keep in mind that appropriate work makeup can vary widely from industry to industry, but here are some general guidelines for the average office environment:

Keep it simple. You certainly want to look polished, but don’t go overkill on the makeup either.
When in doubt, wear less. The girl that wears slightly too much makeup is seen as unprofessional (We know, it’s not fair!). The girl that wears less makeup is commonly perceived as hard working (Yep, you can certainly use this to your advantage!). It’s always best to err on the side of caution.
No glitter. Save it for your girls’ nights!
Look to female coworkers. How does a female boss or director at your company wear her makeup? Mirror that.
Think natural colors. Browns and a neutralish lipstick are always a safe bet. The more contemporary smoky eyes and colorful eyeshadows are too risky for the office.

Most importantly look at your environment for guidance. Are you at a buttoned up Fortune 500? Keep it minimal. At a creative agency? Have a little fun with colors. Male dominated field? Less is best if you want to be taken seriously. Beauty editor at a magazine? Pile it on, honey!

Unfortunately, some bosses just don’t understand that we can kick ass from 9-5 with smoky eyes. But once 5’o clock hits, we can pile on all the fun makeup we want!

These are some of my office makeup must-haves:
Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer – Cover my breakouts while healing them? Yes please!
Hard Candy LITE Bright Illuminating Concealer – Because my undereye circles hate me.
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner – This is the ONLY eyeliner that will not budge all day!
CoverGirl Blush – Because it goes on so smooth. And it’s cheap 🙂
Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara – Makes my eyes look awake even when I’m not.

Here are some DOs and DONTs for office makeup:
work 1
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Uneven/incorrect foundation – does not match or blend evenly into neck and chest.
work 4
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Beautiful color, too vibrant for work – this is best kept for going out.
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Readers: What are your thoughts on blue eyeliner at at the office? Can it be done tastefully, or is it always a DONT? Share your thoughts!
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