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I don’t know about you all but even when I have the time I just feel exhausted even thinking of working out after a busy day at work!! It’s hard enough going to class if you’re a student, taking care of the house/kids (if you have them), and working nonstop the second you get to the office, let alone figure out how to be healthy and fit. Some days you’re lucky to grab a snack of chocolate and coffee!!!

However, staying fit is vital and it’s not just a routine to get ready for summer, but more of a year long mentality – making sure you’re healthy is primarily for you. Sure other areas benefit of course, but don’t we deserve to feel great and help our bodies as they help us? The following are tips that are doable even with a crazy schedule. And no, I’m not talking about 1 hour workouts 6 days a week.  (If you have never worked out before or are trying something drastically new we HIGHLY suggest speaking to your doctor first and DO NOT claim these tips are a substitute for medical attention or diagnosis or will work for everyone).

1 – Be practical. It’s going to take time and if you launch out of the gate hoping to work out 6 days a week you might be disappointed when that doesn’t happen. Maybe instead have a goal of 3-4 times a week? Experiment with the time of the workout too – If you’re not an early riser, try later in the evening. ‘Oh but I only have 10-20 minutes some days’…Amen sister. The 10 Minute Solution or the FIRM workout DVD series have a lot of options with those who only have 20 minutes or less to spare!
2 – Keep water handy (especially since summer is officially here)!!! Keeping water in your car, a case at your office, etc can help you remember to drink it. If you don’t like the taste of water, Mio and/or lemon slices can help make it interesting!
3 – Be mindful of what you buy and what you eat. This doesn’t mean stock up on fruit if you don’t like it or cut out your favorite sweets completely. It does mean if you notice you’re buying a lot of breads/pastas/candy or eating those things three times a day, try challenging yourself to limit them to once a day or buy half as much of the item in question and substitute healthier options. If you notice you’re always skipping breakfast and lunch, maybe try a cereal bar so you don’t have the dreaded 2pm crash.
4 – Mix it up. If you’ve always run the same route, try a longer and slower run, a faster shorter run, or add weights to your routine. If you only do workout videos or only go to a certain class at the gym, try a hike or run. If it’s boring to you, why waste your valuable time on it? Try Zumba, swing dance, something just to get you happy you have time to do this for yourself 🙂
5 – Prep your fruits/veggies before hand. If you notice eating healthy is tough because of time constraints, it can be more convenient to pre-fill zip locks or tupperware with pre sliced fruits, veggies, cheese, etc all at once after you buy them to make a portable and healthy snacks. If you don’t have time, there is no shame with a whole fruit!!
6 – have a workout buddy – working out with a buddy is so much more motivating and fun than when you go at it alone. Catching up with one of my girlfriends and getting fit? I vote yes! 🙂 if you’re good enough friends with a coworker or classmate that’s all the better because you have the same schedule 😀
7 – Make it fun!!! Have a little reward in sight for yourself like new earrings after 2 weeks of sticking to your goal for example. Working out and being healthy will not become habits overnight so why get bored doing it?? We might as well have fun along the way!! Wear your sparkly studs, blast your favorite song, put on your shiny workout lipgloss and embrace this ‘me-time’ you have for yourself!!

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