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Yes, we’ve all been there – you wake up late, your hair is filthy, and you don’t have time to wash it! What is a stylish girl to do? Don’t fret, we have some tips to help you turn your hair from gross to glam in just a few minutes!

1) Dry shampoo. Spray it on your roots while dividing your hair in one inch sections. Let it dry for a minute or so, and then brush out. (Note: some dry shampoos require heat from a blow dryer to activate, read the label). If your hair looks great just after that one step, then you’re good to go! If it still looks like crap, or if you don’t have access to dry shampoo, go to step 2!

2) A simple updo. Put your hair into a relaxed ponytail or loose bun. This will hide the unstyled ends and add an instant put-together look!

3) Accessorize. If your hair is so freakin dirty (no judgment here!) that dry shampoo and an updo still can’t make it look passable, add an accessory. A headband or jeweled barrette will do nicely. The accessory will draw attention to itself, and away from your less-than-fab hair.

Now, if you’re REALLY late, and don’t have time to brush dry shampoo into all of your hair, try this: pull your hair into a quick ponytail or bun (it doesn’t have to look good), and do a rapid spray of dry shampoo all over your head, so that the dry shampoo will get on just on the exposed hair.  Then take your hair out of the bun/ponytail, brush out the outer strands of your hair, and pull back up into your bun/ponytail. This way, the strands of hair that are visible when your hair is pulled back look good, and you save time by not having to spray all the rest.

Hope these tips help you still look glam even on your off days!! Here are some extra pointers for styling your hair:

dry shampoo

“Top 9 at 9: The Best Dry Shampoo to Get You Through Your Day.” StyleList 2013. http://www.stylelist.com/view/best-dry-shampoo/
Not only is this an example of a popular dry shampoo, the website lists their top picks 😀

Pony Tail

So even though it says it’s for the gym, that simple pony tail and headband combo is too cute to destroy working out…even using color coordinated hair ties and headbands will really add a little something when you just don’t have the time
for full on styling.

Simple Bun

“Enjoy the Sun With Bun.” June 8, 2012. http://sheehair.blogspot.com/2012/06/enjoy-sun-with-bun.html
Quick Brush, twist twist twist, pins/hair tie and voila! Casual elegance in minutes.
No matter how late you are running, no matter how dirty your hair is or desperate you are, do NOT leave the house or gym in one of these …Ladies, Moms, Wives you are better than this! If it’s that bad, throw your hair in a bun under a pageboy cap or fedora for the love of all that’s classy!!
 Banana Clip

Banana Clip? How ’bout no…even if you have the curls or volume to hide it, just say no…you know it’s there.


Scrunchies Galore? We’re not in 8th grade anymore. If you’re old enough to vote you’re old enough to realize these are good only for working out, cleaning/lounging or costume parties.