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Even though Summer is the season for vacation and travel and new trends, classiness and etiquette never fall out of fashion. In today’s modern hustle and tendency to think of our selves only, a sense of entitlement can sneak up on the best of us – even if we were raised on Emily Post. Here is a refresher to keeping it classy and poised on the ground, in the air, and all the spaces in between. Mostly, it comes down to manners and common sense…which sometimes isn’t so common these days.


1. Get there early. Yes, it’s icky waking up at O-Dark Thirty or sitting around the gate with nothing to do, but hiccups are all the more compounded when you’re rushing with only minutes to spare. This can lead to more mistakes, a heightened sense of frustration, and will almost certainly affect your demeanor to those around you, even if you don’t mean it.

Too early(http://blog.doctoroz.com)

2. Streamline – Less is More. We’ve all been hindered getting on and off the plane, bus, train, fill in the blank, because someone unloaded everything or took what looks to be a million bags and somehow made it past the gate attendants. Be mindful of the space and time constraints of others. Do take what you need – no one wants to be stranded without a critical item for hours at a time, but be purposeful in what you bring. If you’ve checked a bag, do you REALLY need to take that huge tote and a carry-on? Maybe a self-contained meal, such as a wrap, would be better than one that involves a larger box? While balance is key, having less with you on board will ease things even if just a bit, but after 7 hours at 32,000ft , we’ll take whatever easing we can!

3. Read the line. It seems every time the plane comes to a complete stop, all the aisle people hop out to get in line first (even at the back of the plane) to try and cut people off even at the front, leaving the poor window and/or middle people to fight tooth and claw for their rightful spot in line. Ideally, the plane is disembarked row by row, but we all have experienced individuals who, for whatever reason, couldn’t care less about waiting their turn. Granted, sometimes line cuts are warranted. If the captain has announced a number of passengers need to make a run to their connecting flight, heed his request and let them go first. If someone politely asks if you mind if they go ahead of you for a similar reason, if there’s mom traveling with kids, the elderly, etc. be courteous. Other than that, you are well within your rights to (politely and classy of course) secure your spot in line as the plane disembarks. If you are at the back of the plane…godspeed to you.

4. Comfy Classy. Traveling is tough. Traveling while looking put together is tough. Traveling and looking put together and being comfy is tougher…but not impossible. When you see a travel time creep upwards of over 5 hours, it’s tempting to throw on your old college sweats, holes and all,  especially if you have to be at the gate by O-Dark Thirty. However, comfy does not mean sloppy. Opt for some cute yoga pants with a tank top and longer cardigan if you want, but shoot for thicker, more structured pieces if you go the workout clothes route. There are a ton of options these days for adorable and classy comfy looks! Avoid bearing bra straps at all costs if you can – a sports bra might be a viable option under a tank top, or if not, wear a jacket or cardigan over it. Sorry ladies, there are no excuses for clothes with holes in them. Or banana combs for that matter.Banana Clip


Don’t do this…it’s not the 80s anymore.

5. Amplification. The sound of the jet engines, the tiny seat, the pressure on your ears –  it adds up and it’s tempting to talk louder than normal when traveling with a friend. This may not be an issue if you are sitting next to each other, but if they are a row ahead of you, across the aisle, etc. it may not be worth the shout. Same theme applies to inflight phone calls – just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If you can and must call someone from the air, or on the tarmac on the ground, keep it brief and to the point – not everyone will be as enthralled with your business deal or drama as you are. On the flip side, if someone is ‘friendly’ and starts to strike a conversation with you and you’re just not feeling it, exchange a few polite comments and then mention there’s a book you need to start reading, a movie you want to watch, etc. If they didn’t take your hint, excuse your self with a compliment to their energy or something, but explain you need a few minutes to catch up from the morning, and throw those headphones on honey!

6. There’s a time and a Place. Little kids don’t fully understand the concept of travel, and they have short fuses. They are going to cry at some point unless they are Super Baby. If you are several rows removed, it is NOT the time and the place to directly ask the parent to do something. Chances are, they are well aware of everyone thinking the same thing and they are doing their best. If you are directly beside them and it is significantly going to affect you, ask the flight attendant if someone could switch seats. Go ahead, be annoyed, be frustrated, preach it once you’re off the plane and in your buddy’s car sister! But not now. It’s not going to do anything except make everyone more tense. If the child is kicking your back seat and/or physically affecting you – by all means speak with the parent directly.

7. Favorite Essentials. Regardless of how long your flight is…well, if it’s over 2 hours anyway, definitely consider the following items to assist in keeping you refreshed, poised, and looking fabulous even in a tiny airplane seat:

  • Elf Lip Kiss Balm. Goes on smooth and Holy Moisturizure Batman! Eos is another favorite!
  • Elf Face Powder. Foundation can sometimes be tricky for longer flights…it’s hard enough to keep it up through the day! Using the bare minimum and opting for face powder might be a great alternative.
  • Maybeline Great Lash (any) Mascara. If it’s got the pink tube and green cap, it’s never let me down.
  • Empty water bottle to fill once you’re past security. Hydration is critical when you travel, even more so on a plane. Bonus if you have an infusing water bottle – some restaurants in the airport may have pre-cut lemons and limes if you’re lucky
  • Tiny Ziploc or travel size package of regular baby wipes or face wipes
  • Travel size hand-sanitizer
  • Gum
  • Small hairbrush

Now, order a cocktail for us, open that book or rock that playlist, and enjoy your trip!



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